Preparing Your Vagina for Sex: Tips You'll Be Glad You Knew

how to prepare your vagina for sex

how to prepare your vagina for sexJust like with anything else, taking the time to prepare for a sexual experience will likely mean that you’ll get better results than if you hadn’t, and who wouldn’t want that, right? When people think about how to prepare for sex, they may just think of the few minutes right beforehand, but in reality there are a lot of things that should be done on a regular basis or well in advance to ensure you have the best sex ever. 

In this article, we explore some of the most important things that women can do to enhance their sexual experiences. This ranges from experimenting with masturbation, finding out what type of lube you enjoy, or strengthening your pelvic floor muscles to maximize your body’s sexual response. Read on to learn more about how to prepare your mind, body, and vagina for sex.

8 Ways to Prepare Your Vagina for Amazing Sex 

Explore what you enjoy

One topic that has come to the forefront recently is the fact that women tend to gauge their sexual pleasure based on the experience of their male partner. The reality is that female pleasure has not been talked about or prioritized, which is why many people with vaginas don’t know what they enjoy. That’s why we encourage you to explore masturbation and understand what you enjoy so you can have better sexual interactions with your partners.

How to do it: Explore sexual pleasure on your own so you can better enjoy your sexual encounters that you have with your partners.

Communicate honestly with your partner

One of the most important indicators of a successful sexual experience is open and trusting communication with your partner. This should be done before (yay foreplay!), during, and after sex to ensure each partner is enjoying the experience.

How to do it: Be honest with your partner about what you do and don’t enjoy as well as any other boundaries or things that need to be addressed.

Keep everything clean

Understanding how to clean yourself before sex is an important part of the sexual experience. Preparing for sex isn’t much different than how you should be maintaining your vagina normally. Don’t douche, use unscented soap and warm water to clean the external part of the vulva, and be sure to wipe front to back. The most important part is to ensure that anything that goes inside the body (fingers, extremities, toys) have also been cleaned with warm soap and water.

How to do it: Use warm soap and water to clean all parts of the body and toys that will be used during a sexual encounter, but don’t clean or wash the vaginal canal.

Put away your to-do lists

There’s no better way to kill the buzz of a sexual encounter than by thinking about all the other things that need to be done afterwards. It’s important to be present with your partner when you choose to engage in sexual activity to really experience its full pleasure. 

How to do it: Try taking a few deep breaths or even writing down all the things in your brain beforehand so you know you can be fully present with your partner. 

Prioritize foreplay

One important part of how to prepare your vagina for sex is to introduce and prioritize foreplay in your next sexual encounter. A survey of both women and men showed that both parties want more foreplay, and for women especially, it results in better sexual pleasure and stronger orgasms. 

How to do it: Aim for at least 15-20 minutes of foreplay. This can start before you even get to the bed, try sensual massages, dirty talk, or any other fun form of foreplay!

Supplement and enhance natural lubrication

While we don’t want anyone to ever have to try on artificial lubricants to enjoy sexual activity, we encourage people to use it if it enhances their experience. Lube is a great solution for how to prepare your vagina for sex. We recommend using natural lubes like coconut oil or other unscented lubes if you are going to go this route. As natural as possible is ideal!

How to do it: Everyone has a different lube preference, but find one that works best for you and your partner and then use as you see fit during your next sexual encounter. 

Enhance muscle tone with Kegelbell

One of the best ways to make the most of your sexual experiences is by making sure that your pelvic floor muscles are strong. An orgasm is after all a muscle contraction, so the stronger the muscles, the stronger the orgasms. By using a pelvic floor trainer like Kegelbell and enhancing your muscle tone, you increase natural lubrication, decrease laxity, increase sex drive, and many other exciting results that will prepare your body for your best sex ever.

How to do it: After you purchase Kegelbell, use it 5 minutes, 3 times a week in muscle building mode, or once a week in maintenance mode. Use it in the privacy and convenience of your bathroom or shower and start seeing results in as little as two weeks. 

Practice self compassion

One of the biggest ways to ruin a sexual experience is by having expectations of your partner, yourself, or your body. Sometimes things might seem a little awkward or outside of what you’re used to, but that’s all part of the experience and it’s important to practice compassion not only for yourself but for your partner as well.

How to do it: Practice compassion for yourself and your partner by ditching the expectations and embracing open communication throughout the experience.

Have your best sex yet thanks to Kegelbell

What good is all the preparation in the world if you’re not feeling confident about your vagina and happy with the results? Lots of things can weaken the pelvic floor muscles, such as pregnancy, high impact exercise, aging, or just life. That’s why it’s important to treat the pelvic floor muscles like any other muscle in the body and prioritize preventative training and strengthening.

Haven’t started your pelvic floor strengthening journey yet? No problem. Customers that use Kegelbell of all ages see results in as little as two weeks. Kegelbell’s unique design is the first externally weighted pelvic floor training solution, which means better results in less time. 

Use Kegelbell in the privacy of your bathroom or shower for just five minutes, three times a week in muscle building mode, or once a week in maintenance mode. 

Get started with Kegelbell today, and experience your best sex yet.

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