How to Tighten Your Vagina Naturally: 4 Best Ways

Tighten Your Vagina Naturally

There’s a common misconception about what happens to our bodies, and more specifically our vaginas, as we get older or as a result of having a baby. There’s this idea that we’re irreversibly weakened and that we need to turn to surgery or other unsafe means to try to put a bandaid on the problem.

The reality is that our muscles weaken over time, just like any other muscle in the body unless we have a strong pelvic floor exercise routine to keep us strong. For 43% of women, weak pelvic floor muscles result in sexual dysfunction, including vaginal dryness, anorgasmia, and laxity/looseness.

Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be the case. There are several natural pelvic floor and vaginal “tightening” exercises to help women not just get back to the strength they are used to but rather achieve their strongest body ever.

Natural methods vs. surgery vs. medication to “tighten” your vagina

Before we can address how best to “tighten” your vagina, it’s important to understand a second misconception at play. Namely, a tight vagina is not a healthy one nor an ideal. The ideal to aim for is to have strong muscles that can squeeze but also relax and release.

In reality, what most women really want when they use the word “tight” to describe it is to improve the squeeze and strength of the vagina. So to be clear, when I write about how to make your vagina “tighter,” I put the word in quotation marks since we now know that is a colloquial expression to describe strong, healthy pelvic muscles.

For example, a common surgical method used to tighten the vagina after childbirth is called the husband stitch. This essentially removes excess skin in an attempt to address laxity, but really it just makes the vaginal opening more narrow, but that doesn’t address the root problem. So after that kind of surgery, the skin and muscles can just be stretched or become lax. Even worse is the surgery itself that may result in cutting through nerves, which can leave one with pain or numbness or a combination of the two.

Vaginal rejuvenation surgery performed by a plastic surgeon is similar to the husband stitch technique. Still, even more muscle is cut into to artificially narrow the entrance to the vagina. Again, that creates a false sense of “tightness” as the true goal are muscles that can contract and release, and again, cutting into a sensitive part of the body can leave one with numbness or pain if there is nerve damage.

Pelvic mesh surgery, which is now considered high-risk by the FDA, tried to address weak pelvic floor muscles by inserting a mesh that was supposed to hold up the organs when the muscles were too weak to do so. Instead, many women ended up with life-long pain and side effects. A woman would be mistaken if she thought pelvic mesh would in any way make her vagina “tighter” or able to squeeze more, just the opposite. Since the hammock of muscles is interrupted with a piece of plastic, the woman loses the muscle’s integrity and loses the ability to squeeze.

How to “tighten” your vagina naturally, or rather strengthen it, is by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles responsible for generating the squeezing and sucking capacity of healthy and toned female genitalia. This can start as early as you want through kegel exercises and other natural pelvic floor strengthening solutions. Fortunately, there are many ways to make your vagina “tighter” that will keep you strong instead of just a short-term solution.

4 natural ways to keep it “tight” down there


Kegels are free and medically proven to address several vaginal and pelvic floor problems, including how to “tighten” your vagina naturally. Think of Cardi B singing in W.A.P “I do a kegel while it’s inside” and why that movement gets a special mention in a song devoted to amazing vaginas.

Kegels are an exercise that consists of isometrically squeezing the pelvic floor muscles. Not only do they treat and prevent laxity/looseness, but also incontinence, prolapse, sexual dysfunction, and vaginal dryness.

Unfortunately, to maintain your pelvic floor muscles with kegel exercises, it’s required to kegel at least three times a day every day, which can add up to 100 minutes a week. Not only that, but numerous studies have proven that most women can’t do them properly, even with instruction.


Pilates is one of the few full-body exercises that can help tighten and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. This is achieved by focusing on engaging the core muscles, including the abdominals and pelvic floor muscles, throughout the different movements.

While Pilates is a great way to support natural pelvic floor strengthening, the classes can be expensive. Unless the routine is consistent with an instructor who emphasizes pelvic floor exercises and guides one properly to focus on the pelvic floor, it may not provide enough strengthening to be effective when it comes to making your vagina “tighter.”

Buff Muff Challenge

This 28-day challenge is run by one of our favorite vagina experts, The Vagina Coach. She has created an app-based challenge to help change the way women workout for the better and create a healthy pelvic floor fitness routine.

This challenge is a great option for women who want to be proactive about strengthening their pelvic floor muscles.


For those wondering how to “tighten” your vagina naturally, Kegelbell is one of the fastest and safest ways to do it. Kegelbell is the first externally weighted way for women to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles and decrease laxity/looseness.

In muscle-building mode, women use Kegelbell five minutes, three times a week in the privacy of their own home or once a week in maintenance mode. Unequivocally, one’s vaginal squeeze becomes extremely strong as a result of holding in the insert much the way one gets strong bicep muscles with a kettlebell workout.

Not only is it the first externally weighted solution, but the Original Kit is also the heaviest vaginal weight kit on the market before adding the Extension Kit that doubles the weight further. Kegelbell is made with medical-grade ingredients and is comfortable to use, with the insert similar in size to a large tampon.

Learn more about how Kegelbell can tighten your vagina naturally →

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Avoid these ineffective (and sometimes dangerous) home remedies

When women are trying to figure out how to keep it “tight” down there, it’s easy to get distracted by all sorts of different “home remedies” to make your vagina tighter. The reality is that at best, these are ineffective, and at worst, they could be harmful to your body.

When it comes to any sort of juices (lemon, apple cider, etc.) or herbs to tighten your vagina, we like to generally advise that it’s not healthy to put any chemicals that aren’t medical-grade inside your body.

Your vagina has a natural pH balance, and adding these sorts of intense substances can throw off your body’s natural way of self-regulating. Many of those so-called home remedies are very acidic. The herbal chalky wands/sticks are simply just irritating the tissues so that they get inflamed, which gives the illusion of a tighter vaginal canal when really the lining of the vagina becomes puffy with inflammation.

This is not the right way to approach the issue. Moreover, irritation certainly will not make intercourse more pleasant for the woman, nor would the pH imbalance those substances cause her long after applying the foreign substance.

Some women also wonder if just doing squats “tighten” your vagina. The reality is that most exercises and activities that we engage with cannot target the pelvic floor muscles. They target other muscle groups. That’s why it’s so important to establish a routine that is specifically intended to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

Try the FDA registered Kegelbell to tighten your vagina naturally

While it’s not possible to just snap your fingers and instantly have strong pelvic floor muscles and great squeeze, Kegelbell is pretty close! By using Kegelbell just five minutes, three times a week for two weeks, we guarantee that you’ll see an improvement or your money back!

Kegebell was created to solve the gap in the market of effective ways for women to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. So often, women turn to surgery or other unsafe solutions to address a problem that is actually quite easy to solve with the right tools.


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