Get Your Summer Bod: Kick Bladder Leaks to the Curb!

Get Your Summer Bod: Kick Bladder Leaks to the Curb!

Are you eagerly counting down the days until your summer escapades kick off? The thrill of adventure is bubbling inside you, but pesky worries about bladder leaks threatening to rain on your parade?

Picture this: You're all geared up for a wild summer, but the mere thought of bladder leaks is giving you second thoughts about chasing after those adrenaline-packed adventures. Bladder pads might seem like the only option.

Alright, let's shake off those tears and sad thoughts. Here's the vibe you should be manifesting instead.

Forget the doom and gloom, because we're here to tell you that bladder control is within your grasp. Just like any other muscles, your pelvic floor muscles need some love and attention to stay strong. If the fear of leaks is the only thing holding you back from unleashing your summer dreams, then buckle up, because we've got the remedy.

Here's the scoop from the experts:
Incontinence can be a real buzzkill because your bladder muscles have atrophied  and aren't up to the challenge of keeping things in check. But fear not, because we've got some tricks up our sleeve to help you take charge.

Ready to whip your bladder into shape for summer fun? Here's the game plan:

1. Practice with Our Yoga Series for Pelvic Strengthening

Get those hips moving with some fun yoga movements. Engage those pelvic floor muscles like a pro!

2. Envision Your Vagina is a Milkshake with a Straw

When you exhale, contract your muscles like you're trying to suck a milkshake through a straw. When you relax, let it go back down again. Notice a different kind of muscle reaction?

3. Exercise Your Fast-Twitch Muscles

Do rapid flutter contractions around your finger, fast and fluttery pulses. Feel the difference or the challenge to elicit the response your mind is aiming for?

Need Faster Results? Meet Kegelcap!

Our nifty kegel training device is your ticket to visible improvements in just two weeks. Plus, it's compact enough to tag along on all your summer adventures, ensuring that bladder control is never far from reach.

Still not convinced? Just take a peek at what our happy campers have to say:


P.S. A spicier time on your vacay is an added bonus 😉

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