Vagina Myths & Fun Facts Every Woman Should Know

vagina myths

For so long, researchers have really ignored the importance of female pelvic floor and vaginal health relative to so many other industries. For example, at most doctor’s offices, there are 85% amount of information available for men and their erectile dysfunction, whereas there’s only 5.8% available for women and their sexual dysfunction. This blindspot of information regarding women’s pelvic floor health and how it impacts the rest of the body has made the industry ripe for harmful myths and ineffective solutions touted to address problems.

Stop believing these common myths about the vagina

We’re here to address some of the detrimental myths that are so common around the vagina and set the record straight so that more women can find the solutions they need to live a happy, confident life.

Myth #1: It’s just hair and skin down there

For so long, women have been told by society and social norms not to look or touch “down there.” This vagina myth has nurtured a society of women disconnected, both physically and emotionally, from the important functions that the vagina and the pelvic floor have in our overall health and happiness.

Fact: The vagina (and pelvic floor) is an intricate system of muscles and organs

The vagina is just one piece of the pelvic floor and the system that helps manage and regulate our bladder, digestive system, reproductive system and sexual wellness. It is one of the most important groups of muscles in the body, and it’s important that women understand how it works and why it matters.

Myth #2: Vaginal dryness is just part of getting older

So many women think that a decrease in lubrication, laxity, orgasm intensity and even sex drive are a result of getting older. This vagina myth results in women around the world losing out on an incredible sex life because they don’t understand the correlation between pelvic floor strength and their sexual dysfunction.

Fact: Natural lubrication increases when the pelvic floor is strong

This is one of our favorite vagina fun facts because many of these symptoms that women think are irreversible are in fact treatable and quickly, like, two weeks fast! Laxity, lubrication, sex drive and even orgasms are directly associated with the strength of the pelvic floor muscles, which impacts the blood flow to those muscles.

Myth #4: Douching is the best way to clean your vagina

Douching has long been promoted as the best way to keep your vagina clean. In reality, this might be the absolute worst thing you can do for your vagina. Chemicals (even water) can upset this natural balance and cause long-term problems. This is one of the many detrimental vagina myths that’s got to go!

Fact: Your body naturally knows how to clean itself according to your own unique pH level

Just like your skin or any other part of your body, one of the best ways to take care of your vagina is to stay hydrated. Staying hydrated keeps your entire body happy and healthy, and can help make your period more comfortable, and keeps you lubricated during sex.

Myth #3: Bladder leakage is a little old lady problem

When people hear about women with bladder leakage, their minds immediately go to older women or potentially after women have children. This is one of the myths about the vagina that shames women into suffering silently if they experience bladder leakage. Not only that, it has created an industry around providing band-aid solutions instead of solving the root problem.

Fact: Women experience leakage at all ages, but they don’t have to

This is a two-pronged vagina fun fact. First, women of all ages experience leakage. It’s said that 20% of women in their 20s, 30% of women in their 30s and so on experience some amount of leakage. The second fun fact is that leakage is treatable, and no, we don’t mean with pads! Leakage is most commonly a result of weak pelvic floor muscles, but when the muscles are strong, they’re able to support the bladder and all of the organs that need to function properly to prevent leakage.

Get more control over weak pelvic floor muscles

So many vagina myths stem from an old-fashioned way of looking at the vagina, where it’s just hair and skin and not an intricate system of muscles that support some of our most important bodily functions. Fortunately, there are solutions available that understand how important the pelvic floor is and how to strengthen it so that we can combat these myths.

Kegelbell is the first externally weighted and heaviest pelvic floor training solution on the market. Our customers only have to use Kegelbell 5 minutes, 3 times a week in muscle-building mode, or once a week in maintenance mode, and they see results in just two weeks.

At Kegelbell, we don’t underestimate a woman’s strength and have designed our products so that women can get out of the bathroom and into the boardroom. Learn more about Kegelbell’s Original Kit.

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