Miss Ruby Reviews Kegelbell

Miss Ruby Reviews Kegelbell

The Kegelbell Weighted Kegel Training System means business. This isn’t a flimsy love egg masquerading as a health product — It’s truly a weight-lifting regime. What I really like about this system is that it’s so customizable. There’s no one-weight-fits-all.

No matter how strong or weak your pelvic floor is, there’s enough variety in difficulty in this package that you’ll be able to find something that suits.

It’s not the most exciting process, but weight-lifting never is (at least not for me), so if you’re looking for a no-nonsense kegel strengthening system, this is one to add to your wishlist.

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Vagina Gym Includes

Kegelbell® The Vagina Gym® Original Kit


Why Use Kegelbell®:

- Improve bladder and bowel control

- Reduce the risk of pelvic organ prolapse

- Treat Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD)

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