Questions From Our Customers

Questions From Our Customers

This post has generated some great questions. We love getting questions (admittedly we can have some long answers--but hey we are passionate about this stuff!)

Question from Rebecca:

I don’t understand how this helps us do it correctly...

Hi Rebecca, by standing with the top part inserted in you like a tampon with the weight hanging out, the force of gravity on the weight will automatically pull the insert out and your muscles will reflexively squeeze to hold the insert in, which is the very set of muscles one is supposed to trigger during kegels. Voila! Perfect form is reflex so no need to think about it, your body just does the right thing in the right way. Given the amplification of weight, you only need to do this standing exercise for 5 minutes 3 times a week to get better results faster than kegels without the assist. Hope that helps! So glad you asked. Best wishes!
pelvic floor with kegelbell

Question from Samantha: 

So how is this different from ben wa balls?

Hi Samantha! Great question! There actually many key differences. The most visible difference is ben wa balls have all the weight inside the body. Whereas, Kegelbell has the weight outside the body. Why does this help? Because with ben wa balls they are often too bulky and too light to be of any use. I’ve also seen them laughably small and light which is also of no use for exercise. Moreover many do not have a string to get them out. All the ben wa balls have encountered (at tradeshows) have been of dangerous or dubious materials, indeed I’ve seen a set I had tested peel and tarnish whatever the fake coating was. Finally the most worrisome thing about Ben wa balls is that they often instruct, if any instructions were included, to carry the weight for hours inside the body and that is very unhealthy and will lead to muscle cramps and a harmful tightening of the muscles of the vagina. It’s very important that the muscles squeeze for a very brief period of time and relax for equally long and what we’re aiming for our muscles that are accommodating and at the same time can squeeze on demand and that is very important for vaginal health. Kegelbell is made of Class VI medical grade silicone which is the highest standard available in medical devices; the weight is outside the body and that allows for a significant amount of weight to be used very safely; it’s so effective that proper use is just a few minutes; for example just five minutes a week for three times, so we’re looking at a maximum of 15 minutes of working out a week in which during the workouts there’s relaxing as well as squeezing. And we provide ample instructions and guides from beginner to advanced and we are here to support our customers! In sum, I invented Kegebell as I was frustrated with existent devices both in form and quality, so from my perspective the differences were significant to the point of deciding to design and manufacture this safe and effective solution.
internal and external pieces of kegelbell kit

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