Can women be impotent? Yes, for us it’s vaginal dryness.

Can women be impotent? Yes, for us it’s vaginal dryness.

Impotence (in technical terms) is the inability to have penetration. For men, this happens when they’re too flaccid to penetrate. For women, vaginal dryness is what prevents penetration. If you’ve had vaginal dryness, you know it’s game over unless you find something to fill the void of natural lubrication.

You may have tried desperately to find a lube-alternative in the moment so you wouldn’t lose that special moment… I will admit I’ve grabbed hand lotion or even cooking oil before! After living with dryness all through my 30’s, now into my late 40’s, my lubrication came roaring back to life, thanks to Kegelbell.

63% of Kegelbell customers have also experienced the return of their natural lubrication.

Vaginal dryness qualifies as a type of female sexual dysfunction that can have a devastating effect on a woman’s ability to have and enjoy sex. Fortunately, lubes have provided a temporary remedy for women to maintain normal, comfortable and enjoyable sex lives.

Studies show 65% of women report using lubricants to decrease pain and make sex more enjoyable. Most women never say a word to their doctor about it and accept this as a normal and natural function of fickle and fluctuating female hormones.

Who knew this was such a universal problem?

Let’s get one thing clear: We love lube.

Unfortunately, lube has become the little blue pill for women. It’s something women are starting to rely on in order to have a healthy and satisfied sex life. Why has society not stopped to address why vaginal dryness is happening, and what we can do about it?

Part of the reason is that lube is a huge business! The global market for sexual lubricants is expected to top $1.5 billion by 2025, and the market is flooded with options – silicone, vegan, aloe-based, water-based, flavored, warming, CBD-based, thin, thick, oily or slick.

Lubes can also cause allergic reactions in some women and do little to support sexual spontaneity. They can be messy, sticky, inconvenient and – let’s face it – expensive. Lubricants are largely chemical based, can further irritate inflamed and delicate tissues, and may contribute to the development of yeast infections. And if you are trying to get pregnant, artificial lubes act as a weak spermicide, so it is all the more important to avoid artificial lubricants when trying to get pregnant.

Millions of dollars and thousands of hours has been pumped into the study of male sexual dysfunction, yet female sexual dysfunction has gone relatively unstudied. That’s why only 5.8% of medical clinic websites discuss female sexual dysfunction, while 85% talk about male sexual dysfunction.

One simple and highly effective way to open up the floodgates of your pelvic floor muscles is to strengthen them! Yes, it’s actually that simple.

The pelvic floor muscles support your pelvic organs, bladder, uterus and colon. When the muscles are stronger, blood flows more readily through them and they work better. That means more lubrication, increased arousal, increased orgasms and an overall increase in the quality of life!

As with any other muscular organ, the vagina functions much better when it is used. Those early-morning runs along the river serve to keep your heart healthy and functioning at its best, and regular sexual activity paired with pelvic floor training can have much the same effect on the vaginal wall.

The reality of vaginal dryness and loss of sexual function has been brushed under the rug for so long. That’s why we need your help to spread awareness about female sexual dysfunction. We believe women (and everyone else for that matter) can and should have healthy, active and exciting sex lives for as long as they well please!

Are you ready to get your natural lubrication back? Try Kegelbell for two weeks, and we promise you won’t ever turn back.

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