What is Vaginal Weight Lifting?

What is Vaginal Weight Lifting?

When’s the last time you lifted weights where it counts? Just like pumping iron in the gym, vaginal weight lifting brings an array of benefits that extend far beyond your workout session.

Not only is this beneficial exercise becoming more accessible, but it’s also getting less taboo.

This can be seen in the increasing popularity of the #thingsiliftwithmyvagina hashtag on social media and the rise of women openly sharing their experiences with vaginal weights. While some women like to put this newfound strength to use lifting things like surfboards with their pelvic floor muscles, others are just living strong, confident lives.

But what exactly is vaginal weight lifting, and how does it affect the body? Read on to learn all that and more!

What does vaginal weight lifting mean?

So what is vaginal weight lifting? It’s a variation of the kegel, which is a commonly recommended way to address pelvic floor weakness.

With vaginal weight lifting, people use additional weight or a device to increase the challenge of the exercise compared to the normal isometric squeeze of a kegel. Here are some of the top benefits that women who lift ‘down there’ experience:

1. Stronger orgasms!

This is probably the most well-known reason for vaginal weight lifting, for obvious reasons! It’s important to know that the sexual benefits go far beyond just the orgasms. Improved muscle strength and tone means increased blood flow and, subsequently, better natural lubrication and improved laxity or squeeze.

2. Bye-bye leakage

Sixty-six percent of women live with some degree of bladder leakage as a result of weak pelvic floor muscles. Fortunately, the majority of these instances can be addressed through proper strengthening.

Some women who tend to be overly cramped or constantly contracted can experience leakage, As a result, so muscle strengthening alone may not help. For most women, though, by implementing a consistent vaginal weight training routine, they can substantially reduce or eliminate bladder leakage.

3. Seriously toned muscles

Vaginal rejuvenation is becoming a more sought after treatment, with some women going as far as surgery or other invasive treatments to achieve it. Fortunately, a consistent vaginal weight training routine can have the same result without any risks or costs associated with these other treatments.

4. Infinite swagga’

Some of the most important results of strong pelvic floor muscles are the mental and emotional benefits! By strengthening the body, people no longer have to worry about laxity, potential leakage or feeling insecure about sexual function. Taking control of these parts of our lives result in unabashed swagger and confidence.

3 Common Vaginal Weights on the Market

There are a variety of solutions on the market to address pelvic floor weakness. They vary across the board in terms of their effectiveness, cost and ease of use.

Vaginal weights tend to be on the more cost-effective and easy end of the spectrum, which probably is part of the reason they’ve become more common in recent years. Rather than purchasing the first vaginal weight system, you see, learn about what’s available.

1. Kegel balls

This category includes Jade Eggs. They tend to be the most commonly seen on the market due to their low cost. Overall, we don’t recommend these for vaginal weight lifting. Here are a few reasons:

  • Made of unregulated plastics, coatings, or porous stone that are often toxic or with allergens
  • Limited to the weight that can go inside the body
  • Too lightweight for advanced training

2. Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa Balls are similar to other types of kegel balls in that they’re present in the market but may not achieve the desired vaginal strengthening results of other solutions. Here are a few reasons we recommend people avoid Ben Wa Balls:

  • Instructed to leave inside the body for extended periods, potentially straining the muscles
  • No cord to retrieve them from the body
  • Made of unregulated metals
  • Too lightweight to work
  • Too big and bulky to be of use

3. Kegelbell

Kegelbell is a relatively new product in the pelvic floor training space that has taken people by storm. It’s the first vaginal weight lifting solution that holds the weight outside of the body, improving comfort and increasing efficiency due to the external weight resistance.

The Kegelbell system allows people to incrementally increase their weight over time without impacting comfort. Here are a few reasons why we recommend Kegelbell for vaginal weight lifting:

  • Made out of medical grade ingredients
  • First externally weighted solution, which means faster results with less time commitment (5 minutes, 3 times a week in muscle-building mode, and once a week in maintenance)
  • Heaviest weight kit on the market and more opportunity for muscle building
  • Comfortable to use

The Vagina Gym is Open! Start vaginal weight lifting with Kegelbell.

Not only is Kegelbell the first of its kind, but the Original Kit (250g) that comes with two inserts and three stackable weights is also the heaviest product on the market. For those looking to supercharge their pelvic floor training regime, Kegelbell also has an Extension Kit (240g) that doubles the weight of the device.

The Original Kit includes two inserts and three stackable weights that combine to provide 16 unique levels. The weights hang outside the body, creating dynamic cord movement that makes the weight two times heavier. This makes Kegelbell four times more powerful than the closest competitor. For a stronger pelvic floor and so much more, start your Kegelbell journey today!

Are you ready to start your vaginal weight lifting routine? Get started with Kegelbell.

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