Quiz--Are your pelvic muscles weak?

5 Common Signs of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

If you experience any of the following scenarios, you may be suffering from a weak pelvic floor. 

  • I sometimes pee my pants when I cough, sneeze, jump, exercise, or lift heavy objects.
  • I feel like I am “looser” down there after giving birth to my child.
  • I need to use artificial lubricant to have vaginal intercourse.
  • I feel a heavy, fullness in my vagina that I don’t recall having until recently.
  • I find my orgasm intensity is not what it used to be, and I just don’t “come” that often anymore.

If any of the above descriptions apply to your life, your body is telling you that your pelvic floor muscles have weakened. You are not alone. More than 75% of women have pelvic floor muscles that are weak and can benefit from being stronger.

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