The Two-Week Challenge

We guarantee you'll see results or your money back!*


  1. Before you start working out with Kegelbell, insert a finger in your vagina and squeeze down on it. Note how strong (or how weak) the squeeze around your finger is.
  2. After this initial test, use Kegelbell for 5 minutes a day at least three days a week as directed.
  3. After two full weeks of use, insert your finger again and squeeze. Some of the signs you can expect to see include:

    • Improved natural lubrication
    • Improved quality of orgasm/climax
    • Ability to reach climax in a variety of positions and circumstances
    • Reduced or eliminated bladder leakage
    • Reduced or eliminated gas/fecal leakage
    • Reduced constipation (if it had been caused by weak muscles)
    • Easing of menstrual cramps
    • Sexual partners noticing improved squeeze
    • Pelvic organs feel lifted and supported, especially noticeable while exercising that the 'heavy' feeling has disappeared
    • Improved swagger from feeling sexy and strong!

We are willing to bet everything you will feel a difference. The squeeze this time will be noticeably stronger and more present than the initial baseline test.

Why are we so sure? All of our early customers that responded to our survey said they had a stronger squeeze and that they were very pleased with the change and the benefits that came with it

This change is something most women think of as a "tighter" vagina--but it is not tight in a restrictive or cramped sense--rather the vagina becomes stronger and toned with the ability to squeeze on command and still relax in a healthy way too. (Indeed, what is an orgasm, but a very special muscle contraction, that requires tension and release in rapid succession.)

That is the goal: healthy supple muscles that can grip and release allowing those muscles to do all the important tasks they must do to support your health.

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