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Reusable Straw

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How Kegelbell® Works

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This straw, is cute, lightweight and easy to carry around with you!

Why are we selling a straw?!? Well, we like to use the milkshake analogy when giving a visual cue to help trigger proper kegel form.

The advice goes like this:

Envision your pelvic floor muscles are a milkshake with a straw, and when you exhale contract your muscles like you are trying to suck the milkshake through the straw. When you relax, you let it go back down again.

In celebration of this nifty analogy, we made a reusable straw. Yes, you are helping the environment by eliminating plastic waste, just like when you use Kegelbell to control for bladder leakage, you help the environment by not throwing out bladder leakage pads. So you see, Kegelbell and reusable straws have lots in common!

And with regular use of Kegelbell, your milkshake will bring all the boys to the yard.

Milkshake not included with purchase.