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Kegelbell Kegelcap for Women| Patented Pelvic Floor Muscle Trainer with External Weight System

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How Kegelbell® Works

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Wanting more options for your Kegelbell training? 

Introducing the Kegelcap by Kegelbell, it is a travel-friendly option that replaces the external weight with water. 

Simply use a standard plastic drinking bottle and by replacing the cap of the bottle with the Kegelcap, you can turn any standard bottle into a kegel exercise device.

This allows you nearly infinite customization of weight, from one tiny drop of water to as much water as you can lift. 

The device works like the device does in our Original Kit. 

Brief 5 minute workouts of holding and releasing (contracting and relaxing) for just three times a week when you are building muscle or once a week when you are in a position to simply maintain the strength you gained. 

No need to know exactly how much you are lifting because it only matters that you are challenging yourself and that will get you stronger. We aren't fixated on a number, rather we are excited about the results we experience as we train.

Check out the images for the instruction guide and happy kegeling!

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