When Muscles Are Strong, You Can Do Anything

When Muscles Are Strong, You Can Do Anything

Tradition has taught people with vaginas to ignore that part of the body. Don’t look, don’t touch, don’t ask questions. This has left women with vaginas uninformed about the inner workings of our bodies.

We fail to educate people that the pelvic floor muscles are like any other muscle in the body; when they’re neglected, they atrophy.

That’s why to celebrate National Women’s Health & Fitness Day, we want to share a little bit about the importance of pelvic floor fitness and how it directly impacts women’s overall health and wellbeing.

This about it this way: You wouldn’t wait to go to the gym until your muscles were pulled or bones were broken.


That’s why you use The Vagina Gym™ BEFORE muscles are atrophied to the point of bladder leakage, sexual dysfunction, painful periods and many other side effects.


Not only does Kegelbell help women safely, naturally, and painlessly reconnect with the muscles and bring them back to life, it also connects her mind and spirit.

Kegelbell is about healing our minds and bodies from years of miseducation. It’s time to learn how to truly love ourselves, our body and everything that comes with it. When we do strengthen this mind-body connection, we radiate in a powerfully beautiful way and we live more fully.

What better day than National Women’s Health & Fitness day to invest in yourself or a loved one to begin the journey of rediscovering the pelvic floor muscles?

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Vagina Gym Includes

Kit original Kegelbell® The Vagina Gym®

109,95 $

Pourquoi utiliser Kegelbell® :

- Améliorer le contrôle de la vessie et des intestins

- Réduire le risque de prolapsus des organes pelviens

- Traiter la dysfonction sexuelle féminine (FSD)