Household Items to Never Put in Your Vagina

household items to put in your vagina

Whether you’re looking to spice things up in the bedroom, trying a new health fad, or just trying to build strength, it’s important to know the do’s and don’ts of household items to put in your vagina. There are many great toys and products out there that are great for supplementing what you’ve got going on naturally. It’s important to be educated about what those are, so you can avoid the big no-nos.

In general, putting anything that could potentially impact your natural hormonal balance, harbor foreign bacteria, or become lodged inside you should be avoided. Fortunately, there are plenty of safe options available out there, too. Learn what you should absolutely never put in your vagina below and some safe alternatives that we recommend.

9 Items That You Should Never (Ever) Put In Your Vagina

While this list is nowhere near exhaustive, we’re covering some of the most common household items that people have tried putting inside their vaginas and explaining why it’s dangerous to do so.

If you're wondering about household items to put in your vagina and what to avoid, read on!

Household Objects That Should Not Go in Your Vagina

1. An Electric Toothbrush

While the vibration from an electric toothbrush might be appealing, this is one of many household objects you should never put inside your vagina. The delicate tissue down there is at risk of scraping and irritation from the toothbrush head. The bacteria found on your toothbrush is also a concern to be aware of. If you’re interested in experiencing the vibration from your toothbrush, use it on the outside of your vagina for clitoral stimulation

2. A Hairbrush Handle

While there may be some phallic appeal to a hairbrush handle, it’s important not to insert it into your vagina. The hard handle and sharp edges that most hair brushes feature can cause trauma to the vagina. And that’s not the only risk. It’s possible that the brush could get lodged inside your vagina, which would be a pretty traumatic experience.

3. Any Sharp Objects

This should go without saying, but your vagina is an incredibly important part of your body, and it deserves to be treated with love! The muscles down there You should ever put anything sharp inside your vagina! There’s a lot of blood flow to this area, so even the smallest cut can be pretty detrimental.

Foods That Should Not Go in Your Vagina

4. Fruits and Vegetables

Even the most natural and organic fruits and vegetables have lots of bacteria and other potential irritants on them. By putting fruits and vegetables inside your vagina, you’re compromising your body’s delicate balance and could put it at risk!

5. Chocolate Syrup

While chocolate syrup can have a role in foreplay, it shouldn’t ever go inside your vagina. The sugar and other ingredients can not only irritate the vaginal walls, but it can also throw the balance chemical balance out of whack.

6. Whipped Cream

The same applies to whipped cream. Great for foreplay, not so much for the inside of your vagina. The other downside is that once it gets inside your vagina if you do have a reaction, it’s going to be hard to get it all out. So, better to just refrain.

Products and Tools That Should Not Go in your Vagina

7. Douches

This old-fashioned solution for cleaning your vagina is a big no-no. Your body knows how to regulate your natural pH balance. By douching, people throw their natural body chemistry out of whack. Avoid douching, and your vagina will be much happier for it.

8. Low-quality Toys

There are a lot of sex toys out there, but not all are created equally! It’s important to avoid any toys or devices that are porous or have seams, as they are hard to clean and tend to hold bacteria. Toys made of low-quality materials should also be avoided because those cheap materials can harm your vagina!

9. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is great for a lot of holistic solutions, but your vagina is not one of them. Tea tree oil is acidic, which means it could potentially burn your vaginal walls, so definitely stay away from this option when you’re looking for natural lubricants!

A List of Safe Things to Put in Your Vagina

Fortunately, there are plenty of safe things to put in your vag for you to experiment with and use. Most importantly, make sure to always do your research and make sure that anything you use is clean, high quality, and meant to be used inside the body. Increase your sexual wellbeing with the items below!

1. Kegelbell

Did you know that a weak pelvic floor can lead to vaginal dryness and a decrease in orgasm intensity? No, thank you. Train and tighten your pelvic floor with a vaginal weight like Kegelbell!

Kegelbell is FDA registered and made of medical-grade materials, which means people can rest assured that they can safely use it to enhance their pelvic floor training routine. Use Kegelbell just five minutes, three times a week in the shower, and customers see results in just two weeks.

2. Fingers

While many women were discouraged from exploring their bodies when they were younger, more sexually aware generations realize it’s critical that women understand their bodies and feel comfortable touching them. Your fingers (or your partner’s fingers!) are absolutely safe to put in your vagina. As with everything else, make sure they’re clean, nails trimmed, and that there’s nothing on them that could scratch or injure your vagina.

3. Natural lubricants

There are lots of different lubes out there, but they aren’t all created equal. It’s important to use natural lubricants that won’t irritate your skin or impact your natural pH balance. Coconut oil is a great option if you’re looking for something natural that you might even have around the house. If you want to increase your natural lubrication, performing vaginal rejuvenation exercises is a great course of action.

4. High-end sex toys

Same thing here, not all toys are created equal. Since many of the toys will be going inside your body, it’s important to use toys that are made from high-quality, ideally medical-grade materials and colorings. In the world of sex toys, we feel those are the only safe things to put in your vag. If it’s not, it probably shouldn’t go inside your body.

5. Period cups

While they are not intended for sexual stimulation, menstrual cups or period cups are a safe item to place inside your vagina. The use of these cups has been increasing as they are a great solution for women who don’t want to use tampons. Most period cup companies offer high-quality materials. But, as with everything else, it’s important to do your research to make sure it works for your body.

Lift Your Way to Better Sex with Kegelbell!

With female sexual awareness becoming more and more mainstream, it’s important that we stop brushing these topics under the rug and have honest, open conversations so women can make educated decisions about what they want to do with their bodies.

At Kegelbell, we’re helping change the conversation around female sexual and pelvic floor health by creating the first externally weighted and heaviest pelvic floor training solution on the market. Our device is made out of medical-grade materials and is FDA registered. Our customers can rest assured that we’ve put in the time and energy to make the safest, most effective, and easy solution for them to strengthen their pelvic floor.

Learn more about what Kegelbell is made of and how you can get started on your pelvic floor strengthening journey.

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