15 Sustainable Period Products You'll Wish You Found Sooner

sustainable period products

sustainable period products

Over the last decade, there has been incredible progress in social and health initiatives. Female wellness and sustainability have seen exceptional growth, resulting in more sustainable period products that are better for women and the environment, ranging from eco-friendly tampons to reusable menstrual products. 

It’s even more exciting to see so many of these companies are female-founded and on a mission to make better products for women. For so long, women have been using products designed by men for female issues. It’s no wonder these solutions have been less than ideal

We wanted to highlight 15 of the top eco-friendly menstrual products and the awesome women behind them. 

15 Eco-Friendly Period Products To Help You (and the Planet) Every Month 


1. Herbal Pantiliners from Honeypot

Pads will always be around as a backup option, even with all the other products on the market. So why not improve on the basics? That’s what Honeypot did with their herbal pantiliners.

How it works: These sustainable pads work just like any other pad but also provide a gentle, "cooling" sensation that makes for a more peaceful period.

What it’s made of: These herbal pad liners are made from pesticide-free cotton and infused with essential oils.

Price: A pack of 30 herbal pantiliners costs just $6.99.

2. Reusable Pads by Period Aisle

Normal pads can be costly and aren’t exactly the most eco-friendly option. That’s why Period Aisle created these reusable pads. They come in three different sizes and a variety of colors — all made to be high performing and comfortable. 

How it works: Period Aisle’s pads work just like any other pad would. However, they are safely machine washable and can be placed in the dryer. Simply rinse them off with cool water and add them to your normal laundry routine. 

What it’s made of: These reusable pads are crafted with breathable cotton. 

Price: The mini pad is $16, the maxi pad is $19, and the super pad is $22. 

3. Organic Cotton Reusable Pads from Rael

If you’re looking for a long-lasting, eco-friendly pad, Rael has what you need! These reusable cotton pads can be washed and used again up to 120 times. This sustainable period product is built to reduce the risk of leaks while still being breathable. 

How it works: These pads work just the same as any other, minus the harsh chemicals and PFAs that can irritate your skin. 

What it’s made of: These pads are made with 5-moisture wicking layers of organic cotton that alleviates odor. 

Price: A 3-pack of these organic pads costs $34.

4. Hypoallergenic Pad from Organyc

These hypoallergenic pads are a sustainable period product for individuals with sensitive skin. The protective layer and pouch are biodegradable, making these an eco-friendly option as well. 

How it works: These pads work similar to every other pad, just without the added perfumes or dyes that may be found in other products. 

What it’s made of: Organyc pads are made with 100% cotton. 

Price: A 10-count of these pads costs $7.99. 


5. Cotton Tampons by Viv for your V                        

Viv for your V wanted to find a more sustainable and plant-friendly solution to the traditional period products. Their pads and liners are 95% biodegradable. The product is sold online and developed by eco-conscious menstruators who knew the way the world approached eco-conscious period care needed an overhaul.

How it works: These eco-friendly tampons work just like you’re used to, but just without all the chemicals and yucky stuff you don’t want in your body.

What it’s made of: Made with an organic cotton core and an ultra-smooth plant-based applicator, Viv tampons are BPA-free, toxin-free, and plant-derived.

Price: 16-count of tampons for $9 with varying absorbances, 12-count of bamboo liners for 8.50, Viv cup for $20

6. Flex Disc from Flex

Flex is on a mission to help people with periods thrive. Their unique disc not only allows for maximum comfort and minimal upkeep, it also allows for period sex without the mess! Despite the fact that it’s not reusable, these products tout 60% less waste than traditional period products.

How it works: The unique flex disc is a cross between a period cup and a tampon. It’s approved to be worn for up to 12 hours, but once it’s removed, the discs are disposed of using biodegradable packaging.

What it’s made of: No BPA, phthalates, or rubber latex. Only 100% medical-grade polymers that don't host toxic bacteria or disrupt your vagina's natural pH balance or flora.

Price: Two months of discs for a medium flow costs $9.99, and they have a convenient subscription model so you can set it and forget it.

7. Organic Tampons from O.B.

These organic tampons last up to 8 hours and reduce the need for a plastic applicator. Instead, you’ll use your hand with these tampons. These tampons are also chlorine, fragrance, and dye-free. 

How it works: Since this tampon is applicator-free, you’ll need to use your hands to insert the tampon. You’ll unwrap the tampon and use the string at the end to create a pocket for your finger. 

What it’s made of: O.B. tampons are created with 100% cotton and are made applicator-free to reduce plastic waste. 

Price: A box of 24 tampons costs $8.99. 

8. Reusable Tampon Applicator by Dame

One of the largest sources of waste from period products comes from the plastic applicators of tampons. With Dame, there’s no need to throw away applicator after applicator. This sustainable period product makes it eco-friendly to insert your tampon. This applicator works with Regular to Super Plus size tampons and comes equipped with a storage tin, cotton travel wallet, and 6 organic tampons. 

How it works: This applicator, if cleaned properly, can be used up to 12,000 times. Simply insert your applicator-free tampon and insert as you would a normal tampon. Once done, wash and dry thoroughly. 

What it’s made of: This applicator is medical grade, made with BPA and leak-free material in addition to antibacterial sanipolymers that help keep the product clean. 

Price: The entire kit (applicator, tin, wallet, and tampons) is $32.20. 

Menstrual Cups

9. Menstrual Cup from Honeypot

Honeypot decided to develop a menstrual cup because we live in a world that has become more environmentally conscious, and sustainable period products like menstrual cups provide a great alternative for those who cannot use pads or tampons.

How it works: This type of cup can be inserted into the vagina to hold menstrual blood. It’s approved to be worn for up to 12 hours, including overnight. At that time, just empty the cup, rinse and then reuse as needed! It’s that simple.

What it’s made of: Honeypot’s feminine menstrual cup is made with medical-grade silicone and is free from latex and phthalates.

Price: This menstrual cup costs $21.99 and is approved for reuse for a year or more.  

10. Soft Menstrual Cup from Saalt

Looking for a vegan and cruelty-free menstrual product option? Look no further than Saalt! This FDA-registered and compliant period product is sustainable and can last up to 10 years. 

How it works: Saalt’s menstrual cup works just like any other, with an easy insertion process, 12 hours of use, and washable material. 

What it’s made of: This menstrual cup is made with 100% medical-grade silicone and is BPA, latex, and toxin-free. 

Price: One cup costs $29 and is offered in two different colors. 

11.  Ziggy Cup from Intimina

Ever heard of a menstrual cup that’s sustainable and can be worn during sex? Now you have! The Ziggy Cup from Intimina has a flat fit with a leak-proof rim for a comfortable and clean experience. 

How it works: Ziggy Cup is inserted somewhat similar to a tampon. However, you’ll start by sliding the back rim in before tucking the front rim up after. 

What it’s made of: This menstrual product is made with 100% silicone. 

Price: The Ziggy Cup costs $29.96. 

12. Menstrual Cup by Nixit

The Nixit menstrual cup is a one-size-fits-all sustainable period product. Instead of coming in a variety of sizes, it stretches to accommodate any size. This eco-friendly menstrual product will last roughly 12 hours before needing to be washed. 

How it works: Insert and clean this menstrual cup just like any other. When cared for properly, this cup will last about 5 years. 

What it’s made of: Nixit’s menstrual cup is made with 100% silicone that is soft, flexible, and BPA-free. 

Price: This menstrual cup is $42.

13. DivaCup

Known as the world’s #1 reusable menstrual cup, the DivaCup is a sustainable period product for anyone interested in the cup option. 

How it works: The DivaCup is used in the same way as many other menstrual cups. 

What it’s made of: This cup is made with 100% medical-grade silicone and is chemical, plastic, and dye-free. 

Price: Depending on where you are purchasing a DivaCup, they typically cost about $39.99. 


14. Period Panties from Thinx

Thinx is really the OG in the female-first, sustainable period products space. Their absorbent underwear is an alternative to pads or tampons and is sold direct to consumers as well as in certain stores. Their mission is to create a healthier world through sustainable solutions to menstruation and incontinence. 

How it works: The underwear is designed with patented technology that’s absorbent, moisture-wicking, odor-controlling, and leak-resistant to make the most comfortable period solution on the market. This approach to reusable menstrual products really changed the game for people with periods. 

What it’s made of: Their underwear is made of Modal Cotton, which is grown and constructed in the USA. 

Price: The classic panties range from $24 for the thong to $39 for the super absorbent hiphugger. Product FAQ says one pair should last about 40 washes, or approximately 2 years.

15. Gender-Neutral Boxer Briefs from Period Aisle

Not everyone who has a period wants to use panties, pads, tampons, or menstrual cups. That’s why Period Aisle has created gender-neutral boxer briefs. This eco-friendly menstrual product also comes equipped with an additional absorbency booster for heavier days that can be tucked right into the inner pockets. 

How it works: These briefs work the exact same as the panty option. Simply wear and wash. 

What it’s made of: These boxer briefs are made with cotton, spandex, and polyester. 

Price: One boxer brief from Period Aisle costs $46. 

Bonus Product: Kegelbell 

While you’re stocking up on sustainable, female-founded products, why not add Kegelbell to the list? While this isn’t a period product, it does help people with vaginas strengthen their pelvic floor muscles and take back control of their confidence and sexual wellness. And several Kegelbell customers claim that their debilitating menstrual cramps were much better after strengthening their pelvic floor muscles, which we find fascinating that it can provide those hit hardest by cramps with relief.

How it works: Kegelbell is the first externally weighted pelvic floor training device that helps women build muscle faster so they can get back to doing the things they love. Learn more about how Kegelbell works.

What it’s made of: Kegelbell is made of only the highest quality medical grade silicone and materials. In designing the product, our team made sure to perfect the design, ensuring no seams or other components that may reduce the quality or effectiveness of the product.

Price: Our Original Kit costs $99, and our store has a variety of other products to enhance your Vagina Gym workout.

Your Vagina Deserves Sustainable, Female-Founded Products for All Its Needs

We couldn’t be happier that society as a whole is prioritizing safe, effective, and sustainable products, but especially in the female sexual health and wellness space. We should feel just as good about what we use to take care of our vagina as we do to take care of our skin, and the industry is finally starting to reflect that.

At Kegelbell, we’re proud of the fact that our Vagina Gym is FDA Registered and made of only the highest quality ingredients. After just two weeks of using Kegelbell, our customers are able to ditch pads and incontinence products while feeling confident and fabulous in their body. Not only that, but customers report stronger orgasms, increased natural lubrication, increased squeeze, and an overall improvement in their sexual activity.

If you’re looking to take control of your sexual wellness, we encourage you to explore the many incredible companies developing sustainable, safe products for women, including Kegelbell. 

Learn more about how to naturally strengthen your pelvic floor with Kegelbell.

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