What shall be the topic of my first blog post?

What shall be the topic of my first blog post?
Hello Friend!

Where to start?  I think this is as good a place to start as any...

The first order of business is to autocorrect our miseducation.  No real progress can be made in pelvic floor health nor improving the quality of our sexual relationships if we allow ourselves to taught to have disdain for that part of our body.  Society has done a grave disservice by either leading us to not think of this part of the body at all--to literally censor it with a big black redaction gesture making us blind to that part of ourselves--or we are given unrealistic, childlike images of vulva that negates womanhood.

So I ask you to reflect on the images presented in the poster, then pick up a mirror, find a bright and sunny spot and admire yourself.

Until the next blog, please accept my warmest wishes,
Stephanie Schull

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