Unsure what is causing leakage or difficulty climaxing?

If pelvic muscle weakness is causing leakage (urine or feces or gas) or making it hard to reach climax, then you will know if the first 2 weeks of using Kegelbell.

Kegelbell is both a test and a treatment you can do in the privacy of your bathroom. 🛀🏾

Get Yours and Find Out!


Kegelbell is a pelvic muscle training device that connects women with their inner power and gives them their swagger back. The company was founded by Stephanie Schull, PhD, who is on a mission to help women feel amazing inside and out.

Our goal is to get Kegelbell into as many hands as possible, so less women have to suffer with the embarrassing side effects of bladder leakage, sexual dysfunction and laxity.

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Vagina Gym Includes

Kit original Kegelbell® The Vagina Gym®

109,95 $

Pourquoi utiliser Kegelbell® :

- Améliorer le contrôle de la vessie et des intestins

- Réduire le risque de prolapsus des organes pelviens

- Traiter la dysfonction sexuelle féminine (FSD)

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