How it Works

Getting started with Kegelbell is easy. We designed it this way because we know you’re busy and have other things to worry about besides kegel exercises! So, here’s a quick guide on getting started and how to use Kegelbell:

  1. Order your Kegelbell Original Kit that comes with everything you need to get started including the small and large insert, three stackable weights, a storage bag, and an instruction booklet.
  2. Wash the insert with warm soap and water, making sure there’s no residue left on the device. Then follow the instructions for your first workout to test your strength and identify your starting point. We usually recommend customers start with the small insert and the small weight and adjust accordingly.
  3. Once you’ve identified your starting weight, you can get started with your first workout! We suggest doing this in the privacy of your bedroom or in the shower. All you need is five minutes of time to supercharge your pelvic floor muscles.
  4. Use an all-natural lube preferably water-based to make insertion more comfortable and also to increase the challenge of the pelvic floor exercise.
  5. Once Kegelbell is inserted, stand with your feet a little wider than hip distance apart so that the weights hang down between your legs, creating resistance and triggering your body to reflexively engage the proper pelvic muscles to keep the Kegelbell insert inside.
  6. After 20 seconds of this, remove Kegelbell or just hold the weight so that there isn’t resistance, allowing your muscles to recover for 40 seconds. These times can change, but the primary goal is to make sure the rest period is twice as long as the resistance period.
  7. After five minutes of this, remove Kegelbell, wash with warm soap and water and then store somewhere safe.
  8. Repeat this three days a week if you’re in muscle-building mode or once a week if you’re in maintenance mode.

Kegelbell is FDA Registered and designed so that you have to spend less time kegeling, and more time enjoying your life, without limits. Kegelbell is the first externally weighted pelvic floor training device, which means that our customers exercise for just five minutes, three times a week in muscle-building mode, or once a week in maintenance mode.

You might be wondering, “How do kegel weights work?” Kegelbell uses interchangeable external weights attached to an insert made of medical-grade silicone to make the perfect kegel an automatic reflex.

This solution is safer and more efficient than other kegeling alternatives such as kegel balls.  Additionally, since the weight is external to the body, you can exercise with more weight safely and comfortably.


How do you choose the right weights?

We provide instructional videos that guide you through the steps to identify the right insert and weight combination for getting started. When you’re ready to take your workout to the next level, we also have an extension kit and other accessories to complement your workout routine.

How do kegel weights work?

Kegel weights work by using some amount of weight to put resistance on the pelvic floor muscles with the intention of building strength. Most other products are limited to what goes inside the body, which means there’s a cap on the weight and also its effectiveness. The genius behind Kegelbell is that the weight is held outside of the body, making it more comfortable to use without limiting how much a person can lift.

How do you safely and properly insert the product?

Using a benign, natural lube always makes insertion easier and more comfortable. Stand with your legs a little wider than hip distance apart with a slide bend in the knees and then insert the device as you would a tampon.

How do you clean the insert?

We recommend using warm soap and water to clean the insert. Be sure to use unscented soap and be sure that all residue has been washed off before using it. We also recommend using the Kegelbell Device Cleaner for a hygienic clean.



Kegelbell kits contain two medical-grade silicone inserts and three interchangeable weights. You can add weight and go from 30 grams to 240 grams in 30-gram increments. This makes 16 difficulty levels to incrementally build strength over time!

The smaller the insert and the heavier the weight, the more you will amplify your kegels into super-kegels!

What is inside the Kegelbell kit?



We spend so much time at the gym, buying expensive creams, getting other treatments to  help us stay healthy and feel fabulous, and yet for so long we’ve completely ignored one of the most critical muscle groups.

A pelvic floor training routine isn’t a nice-to-have, it’s absolutely critical if you want to support your body in functioning properly not just now but decades down the road. Using Kegelbell helps with bladder control and prevents pelvic organ prolapse. With Kegelbell, we make that routine as easy and effective possible. We’ve taken the traditional 100 minutes a week of kegels to just five minutes a week with Kegelbell’s super-kegels.

Use Kegelbell for five minutes three times a week, and we guarantee you'll see a difference or your money back. We even have a two-week challenge because we're so confident you'll see results! 


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Vagina Gym Includes

Kegelbell® The Vagina Gym® Original Kit


Why Use Kegelbell®:

- Improve bladder and bowel control

- Reduce the risk of pelvic organ prolapse

- Treat Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD)

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