We exist to help modern women feel good inside and out.

In fact, we’re obsessed with creating great products that work, simply and effectively. No fluff. No hype. No surgery. For real.

Our health and fitness products are designed by a worldwide team of experts and are distilled to their simplest, purest purpose: to be exactly what modern women need to feel better at any age.

We are built on the belief that the world needs a fundamental transformation of how women take care of their bodies. [Read my letter here] So we created Kegelbell to help the tens of millions of women who want and deserve to be great.

With Kegelbell, we’re helping women lift where it counts with the easiest way to do a kegel so they can protect themselves from the inevitable: a natural weakening of the pelvic floor muscle that when ignored or forgotten, leads to annoying symptoms that affect so many women in ways they rarely want to admit.

We believe the time is now for this change. And we suspect you think it's about time as well.

Lift the world up!

Stephanie Schull, PhD, Kegebell inventor & founder