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Kegel device | Kegelbell® Original Kit

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How Kegelbell® Works

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This Kegelbell pelvic floor strengthening kit is the original kit! It has the external metal weights.

This kit features:

  • 3 stackable weights for fully customized workouts (30g, 60g and 120g)
  • 2 sized inserts that create 16 customizable levels for optimal growth (S: 30g, L: 40g)
  • Detailed instruction booklet and storage bag

We recommend the convenience of using it in the shower or privacy of your bedroom for just 5 minutes 3 times a week in muscle building mode, or once a week in maintenance mode.

Why it’s special:  it supercharges your kegel routine so you get all the protection and benefits from kegel exercise properly done:

Take back control of your life with Kegelbell.