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Kegel device holder | Kegelbell Holder

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How Kegelbell® Works

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You know the moment... You get in the shower, the water hits you and you immediately realize you forgot your Kegelbell in a drawer on the other side of the bathroom. Well, those days are over thanks to our handy dandy Shower Holder!

This sleek, stainless holder attaches easily to any bathroom surface, whether it’s tile, glass, or metal. The hook provides the perfect place for your Kegel device to rest when out of use, and makes it even easier to pick up when you’re ready to start training.

Product Details +

This Shower Holder features rust-resistant and ultra-durable materials that are built to last – giving you peace of mind knowing you won’t miss a workout because you forgot your Kegelbell again.

Why it’s special:

  • Never miss a workout again with your Kegelbell easily stored in your shower
  • Ensures your Kegelbell stays safe and out of reach for children
  • Stainless steel materials are strong and durable

How to install your Shower Holder:

  • Clean the desired surface area and remove any residue, oil, and dust. Wait to dry.
  • Remove protective cover from the holder.
  • Adhere to the desired area and firmly press and hold for 10 seconds.
  • Wait for 24 hours to allow the holder to fully set
  • Hang your Kegelbell weight-side up from your holder!

For those heavyweight champs who use Weight D, you may need to remove Weight D and store it on a shelf in your bathroom if it can’t store securely on the hanger.