Unsure what is causing leakage or difficulty climaxing?

If pelvic muscle weakness is causing leakage (urine or feces or gas) or making it hard to reach climax, then you will know if the first 2 weeks of using Kegelbell.

Kegelbell is both a test and a treatment you can do in the privacy of your bathroom. 🛀🏾

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Dr. Stephanie Schull here to help you with any questions you may have about how the product works.

I invented Kegelbell because I want to help women live fully and not be held back by pelvic floor issues. This is why I personally respond to every customer question. Can I be of help to you? Feel free to write to me at hello@kegelbell.com and I will get back in touch with you typically under 24 hours.

Meanwhile, check out our instruction guides and videos here: https://www.kegelbell.com/pages/instructions

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Vagina Gym Includes

Kegelbell® The Vagina Gym® Original Kit


Why Use Kegelbell®:

- Improve bladder and bowel control

- Reduce the risk of pelvic organ prolapse

- Treat Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD)

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