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Kegel perfectly, for less time, amplifying results with weight.

Kegelbell is the only system with the weight outside the body, which allows you to lift more weight.

For the first time ever, you can kegel with serious weight.

Yes, we want you to become a superhero.

What Does Kegelbell Do?

Take back control of your body.

66% of women have bladder leakage, a common problems due to muscle weakness. Now you can say buh-bye to leakage! And jump on the dance floor!

Learn About Pelvic Health & Kegels

Recover faster from childbirth.

Are things not quite right down there after baby was born? Do you believe it can go from Yikes?? to Yay!! in a few weeks? Let us show you how!

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Have the best sex of your life.

95% of customers had intensified orgasms, 80% increased sexual desire and 60% had the return of natural lubrication. Let that info sink in. Kegelbell treats sexual dysfunction. Boom!

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Don't be held back anymore.

Okay, let's say there is something you would love to do, but your muscles won't let you do it.

Here is the solution:

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Kegelbell Customers Are Saying

This is a life changer! I had a hysterectomy last year and have been wearing pads ever since. I thought I was doomed to wear them for the rest of my life. No more!! Best money I ever spent! Best part is no drugs or drug side effects!!!


Catmom, Amazon Customer

I'm a young mother and am really concerned about getting back in shape and avoiding complications from childbirth. I did some research and learned how important kegel exercises are. I chose this product because I wanted something safe that I know will work right. I have been using it for around 2 weeks and can say that I am very happy with my decision! Much more comfortable than kegel balls!


Lane, Amazon Customer

I do HIIT workouts about 3-4x/wk and experience mild leakage during these workouts, as well as drink a lot of water. I'm 1/2 way into my Kegelbell 2wk challenge and I've noticed a reduction in the # of times I have to use the restroom !and can workout w/o feeling embarrassed! Totally worth the investment!


Erica, Amazon Customer

I have been using this product for 3 weeks and have found the results to be amazing. I use to have to go to the bathroom at night, not anymore. Can’t wait to see what other benefits I gain from exercising my pelvic floor.


N.M., 52

I do it every morning for five minutes and I can already tell the difference. I’m amazed!!! Today I had the biggest orgasm of my life and I can’t believe it’s just week one! Thank you!!!! I’m recommending this to all my girlfriends.


V.L., 38 | Artist

Only the bulb goes inside your body

The weights hang from a cord outside. You use while standing still for just 5 minutes 3 times a week.

We do not underestimate your strength.

Customize your workout with the heaviest weights and most training levels from 30 grams to 250 grams.

Created under the guidance of top female Urologists and ObGyns

Kegelbell is FDA registered and made of medical grade silicone

Track progress

You see and know you are improving when you need to increase the weight. Easy. Intuitive. Measurable.

We asked our customers how they describe Kegelbell to their friends...

I have been using this product for 3 weeks and have found the results to be amazing.


Kegelbell Customer

A product that empowers and is effective.


Kegelbell Customer

Weight system to strengthen your lady bits.


Kegelbell Customer

A solution to a problem you didn't even know you had.


Kegelbell Customer

Part of an extended beauty and self-care regime.


Kegelbell Customer

This device is a little miracle.


Kegelbell Customer

It's kegels but way better.


Kegelbell Customer

You have to try this! It increases muscle connection.


Kegelbell Customer



Kegelbell Customer

Why it matters

A Lifetime Supply of Pads > The Chrysler Building

A Lifetime Supply of Pads > The Chrysler Building

Are you one of the many women who are trapped in the cycle of habitually using pads...
What you need to know about the pelvic mesh recall

What you need to know about the pelvic mesh recall

The FDA finally recalled pelvic mesh earlier this month. Here's what you need to know and about the recall and the truth about strengthening your pelvic floor muscles.
Kegelbell was invented by a woman for women

Kegelbell was invented by a woman for women

Dr. Stephanie Schull saw her mother suffer from pelvic mesh surgery and researched why. She discovered that doctors recommend pelvic muscle strengthening for prevention and treatment, but most don't do the exercises correctly, so they turn to high-risk surgery and wearing incontinence pads and diapers. Dr. Schull made Kegelbell to keep us strong, safe, and healthy.

When you are strong you can do anything.

It is that simple.

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