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Quiz: Are your pelvic floor muscles holding you back?

It's The Vagina Gym™

Kegels are hard. Kegelbell makes them easy in just 5 minutes,
3 times a week.

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What Does Kegelbell Do?

Say buh-bye to leakage!

66% of women have bladder leakage, a common problems due to muscle weakness. You're not alone.

Learn About Bladder Leakage

Bounce back after childbirth.

Are things not quite right down there after baby was born? We can help you get your squeeze back.

Kegelbell & Vaginal Rejuvenation

Have the best sex of your life.

It's a myth that sex is less enjoyable as you get older. Kegelbell jumpstarts your sex drive, lubrication, and orgasms!

Kegelbell & Sexual Health

Hear From Kegelbell's Founder, Stephanie Schull, PhD

Kegelbell is the only externally weighted kegel device.

Our FDA registered device allows you to kegel perfectly, for less time, with faster results. Yes, we want you to become a superhero!

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Only the bulb goes inside your body

The weights hang from a cord outside. Created under the guidance of top female urologists and OBGYNs. This seamfree, poreless, 100% surgical grade silicone cleans quickly.

Wait, What? Which Part Goes Inside?

What Kegelbell Customers Are Saying

I am absolutely thrilled with my results from Kegelbell. I have found a new level of sexual self-empowerment I never knew was possible, and would never have known I could achieve, all thanks to the product. Stephanie and Kegelbell are changing lives and creating joy, one vagina at a time.


Jackie | Actress, Writer

I do it every morning for five minutes and I can already tell the difference. I’m amazed!!! Today I had the biggest orgasm of my life and I can’t believe it’s just week one! Thank you!!!! I’m recommending this to all my girlfriends.


V.L., 38 | Artist

This is a life changer! I had a hysterectomy last year and have been wearing pads ever since. I thought I was doomed to wear them for the rest of my life. No more!! Best money I ever spent! Best part is no drugs or drug side effects!!!


Catmom, Amazon Customer

I do HIIT workouts about 3-4x/wk and experience mild leakage during these workouts, as well as drink a lot of water. I'm 1/2 way into my Kegelbell 2wk challenge and I've noticed a reduction in the # of times I have to use the restroom !and can workout w/o feeling embarrassed! Totally worth the investment!


Erica, Amazon Customer

I have been using this product for 3 weeks and have found the results to be amazing. I use to have to go to the bathroom at night, not anymore. Can’t wait to see what other benefits I gain from exercising my pelvic floor.


N.M., 52

I have been telling every woman I know how great the products is as well as the company has the best customer service I have experienced in a long time!


Nicole D.

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When the muscles of the pelvic floor (think vagina) are strong again, a wide range of benefits can come into your life, from the return of your natural lubrication to the improved sex drive that comes from the collective benefits of elimination of leakage, enhanced orgasm,  and improved squeeze. 

Why it matters

Strong Pelvic Floor Muscles Can Help You Avoid Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Strong Pelvic Floor Muscles Can Help You Avoid Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Picture yourself in ancient Greece, suffering from a bothersome and uncomfortable bulge in your vagina and being told by your esteemed and toga-...
Kegel Balls and Yoni Eggs – Oh My! Why Not All Pelvic Floor Exercisers Are Good For You.

Kegel Balls and Yoni Eggs – Oh My! Why Not All Pelvic Floor Exercisers Are Good For You.

Maybe your partner has suggested using them during sex play. Maybe you’ve heard them mentioned in a movie, or as the punchline to an off-color j...
Vaginal Rejuvenation Exercises – Better Sex, Less Drama

Vaginal Rejuvenation Exercises – Better Sex, Less Drama

Vaginal rejuvenation can help all women restore sensation and satisfaction during intercourse by strengthening the muscles, which increases blood flow, which in turn restores natural lubrication, which lends itself to better – and more frequent! - sex. A true win-win-win scenario!