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Say hello to a better way to kegel.

Kegelbell quickly gives you control over your body again.

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Kegelbell Customers Are Saying

I feel better, more confident and in control, when lifting heavy weights and running long distances.

Jennifer, 35 years old | Triathlete

My husband and I both noticed a big difference after I had used Kegelbell for just two weeks.

Nichol, 45 years old | Professional Bodybuilder

After using Kegelbell, I could tell I had improved tightness because I had to get a smaller menstrual cup.

MaryAnn, 42 years old | Avid Outdoorswoman

I feel more womanly.

Sara, 28 years old | Business Woman

A few friends started commenting that I had been looking radiant and asked what I was doing differently. I said, 'Kegelbell.' Now they all want one!

A., 35 years old | Computer Programmer

Think of it as a "Vagina Gym"

Kegelbell is the first weight training system of its kind to guarantee you will be doing perfect "super-kegels"

The only vaginal weight set with weight OUTSIDE the body

Making perfect kegel form an automatic reflex.

Taking the guesswork out of kegels

Perfect form is automatic and also the dynamic use of weight reduces the amount of time kegeling to just 15 minutes a week!

You can comfortably workout with more weight. Alot more.

This is the heaviest vaginal weight set in the world

Customize your workout

Start with 30 grams and go up to 240 grams in 8 to 16 training levels in one kit.

The secret power of Kegelbell is in its simple and elegant design

Customized Fit

With two insert sizes to choose from, so you get the most comfortable fit. They are made of silky smooth, seamless, easy to clean, medical grade silicone.

Weights Hang Outside the Body

By placing the weight on the outside of the body, Kegelbell is uniquely the most powerful vaginal weight kit on the market. So you get great results quickly.

8 Training Levels

The bulb insert and the three weights combine to take you from 30 grams to 240 grams in 8 steps.  Customizing your workout to your body and your goals.

Kegelbell works safely and naturally while saving you time

Doctors recommend 100 minutes of kegels a week to strengthen the vagina. No one does that.

Now, you can accomplish more in 5 minutes a day 3 times a week. Perfect form and in less time.

We asked our customers how they describe Kegelbell to their friends...

"A product that empowers and is effective."

"It's kegels but way better."

"Weight system to strengthen your lady bits."


"A solution to a problem you didn't even know you had."

"You have to try this! It increases muscle connection"

"Part of an extended beauty and self-care regime."

"Helps you do kegels the correct way"

No one talks about this, so we will.

For most of us, our bladders leak. Yes, it sucks. But we can fix it with the power and strength of our own amazing bodies.

Why Kegel?

Natural Prevention

Pelvic muscle strength prevents incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and many forms of sexual dysfunction. 

We are just stating a well known fact.

Learn More About Pelvic Health

Safe Childbirth Recovery

Forget the dangerous 'husband stitch' and get real squeeze you both will enjoy.

Laser vaginal rejuvenation is harmful and ineffective.  Don't do that. Do kegels.

Learn More About Vaginal Rejuvenation

Better Sex

80% of our customers increased their sexual desire and 90% said their sensation intensified.*

Try risk-free and see for yourself.

Learn More About Sexual Health

This is real women’s health. 

When you are strong you can do anything.

It is that simple.

Why it matters

She went from Kegelbell customer to Kegelbell leadership team.

She went from Kegelbell customer to Kegelbell leadership team.

Why is it Kegelbell customers come back to help the company?

Because it works and they want to help create a world where all women can have access to Kegelbell.

Questions people are asking us

Questions people are asking us

We love getting questions (admittedly we can have some long answers--but hey we are passionate about this stuff!). Keep your questions coming!
Check out this article about our Founder!

Check out this article about our Founder!

Is Kegelbell successful? “I know it’s working because friends of Kegelbell customers are grabbing me and saying ‘I need one. I want one.’”

*Individual Results Will Vary

*Our customers are telling us they are seeing results after two weeks of use. Write us at hello@kegelbell.com and tell us what benefits you are seeing.