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Kegebell quickly gives you control over your body again, but it does not stop there...

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No one talks about this, so we will.

There is a common female reality:  2 out of 3 of us deal with the consequences of weak vaginal and pelvic muscles. 

For most of us, our bladders leak.

Yes, it sucks. But we can fix it with the power and strength of our own amazing bodies.

Do your muscles need a boost?

Think of it as a "Vagina Gym"

Kegel exercises made easy with Kegelbell.

Kegelbell is the first weight training system of its kind that guarantees you will be doing perfect "super” kegels. 

Which helps prevent things you don't want while creating the things you do want.

What are kegels?

100% Natural


Kegelbell is the simplest, most effective solution to help stop those annoying things that happen to most women after childbirth or as we hit age 40 - like a surprise pee from a good laugh, a tough work-out, or a sneeze.  

Kegebell quickly gives you control over your body again.

How does it work?

worry less. live more.

  • drier underwear

    66% of our customers who had bladder leakage when exercising said Kegelbell resolved it*

  • better sex

    80% of our customers increased their sexual desire and 90% said their orgasms were bigger*

  • seriously fast results

    The majority of our customers starting seeing results in the first two weeks of use* 

  • childbirth recovery

    Forget the dangerous 'husband stitch' and get real squeeze that you both will enjoy*

  • vaginal rejuvenation

    Improve the overall appearance with strong and lively muscles and keep it 'tight and right'*

  • natural prevention

    Pelvic muscle strength prevents incontinence, prolapse, and many forms of sexual dysfunction*

3 easy steps

1. insert

2. lift

3. grow stronger


Kegelbell just 3 times a week for 5 minutes

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Don't have time?

Then you need Kegelbell.

Less time buying, schelpping, and changing bladder leakage pads. 

Less time with extra laundry and dry cleaning from leakage.

Less time having to make excuses and avoiding the things you want to do.

Kegelbell gives you your life back.

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What she said!

  • What customers are saying

    "A product that empowers and is effective"

    "Weight system to strengthen your lady bits"

    "Helps you do kegels the correct way"


  • Why they like Kegelbell

    "Cool thing to help strengthen 'down there' and is created by a women oriented company"

    "It's kegels but way better."

    "Part of an extended beauty and self-care regime."

    "Worth-while, effective"

  • What they tell their friends

    "A solution to a problem you didn't even know you had."

    "Everyone knows someone who has a problem with the pelvic floor. I tell them it is a tool for helping, like kegels but so much better and effective. "

    "It helps you fire your vagina muscles, you have to try this! It increases muscle connection"

60 day money back guarantee

*Individual results will vary.

Try Kegelbell on us risk free to see what results you will achieve.

Jennifer's Story

A triathlete, hiker and fit mama, Jennifer was surprised after the birth of her daughter. "No one warned me that annoying bladder stuff would be my future. I thought that was something that only happened to older women. Also, before Kegelbell, during long runs I could feel the pressure - like my pelvic organs were falling - within the first mile. Now, I don't have any of those problems anymore. It's amazing that I could be in charge of solving it."*

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Nichol's Story

A mother, grandmother (her granddaughter is in the photo with her), hairstylist, weightlifter, fitness trainer, and competitive physique model. Whew! busy woman! Nichol couldn't believe that an "accident" could happen at the gym. "After only two weeks using Kegelbell, I noticed a huge difference in how long I could hold my bladder and I don't worry about embarrassing surprises anymore. I love, love, love my Kegelbell, and so does my husband, who is a fitness trainer too!"*

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What are kegels?

Kegel exercises are named after the doctor that first explained in western medicine the need for women to exercise pelvic floor muscles (think the muscles of the vagina) in order to stay healthy. Medical schools and associations consider pelvic floor exercises (kegel exercise) as the first line of treatment and prevention for incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and certain forms of sexual dysfunction. Read more about it here.

What can a healthy, strong pelvic floor do for me?

Studies and research show that a healthy pelvic floor does these things: 1) creates stronger, more intense orgasm, lubrication, and squeeze 2) Stops bladder leakage when coughing, laughing, sneezing, jumping or during intimacy 3) Supports your internal organs and prevents your pelvic organs from falling.* See this quick questionnaire to see if you could benefit from stronger pelvic muscles.

Why should I buy Kegelbell?

Kegelbell is the only device that enables you to strengthen your pelvic floor in less time with a weight system that is easy to use and guarantees a perfect “super” kegel. Consider it a gym like for other muscle groups, but done privately and for your girl parts. We invented it as all other devices and methods are flawed. Read more about that here.

Why can't I just do kegels on my own?

Research has shown that 75% of women do pelvic exercise incorrectly even with instruction by over-using their abdomen, buttock or leg muscles. Read more here.

Kegelbell’s patent-pending weight system enables women to perform a perfect super-kegel, strengthen the pelvic floor muscles in less time and with better results, taking the confusion out of pelvic floor strengthening.

How often should I use Kegelbell?

We recommend that you use Kegelbell three times a week, in five-minute workout sessions each time. Then after three months, you can go to one or two times per week to maintain muscle strength. Most users find they achieve their goal in 12 weeks and are easily able to maintain better bladder control and improved sexual function that they didn’t even know they could experience. Many users report that with each weight level increase there is an improvement in the quality of orgasm.*

When will I see results?

Typically it takes two weeks to see and feel changes. Likewise, sexual partners will notice changes in about two weeks. Recommended use is to begin with three times a week, basically every other day for five minutes of use. Many users find it easier to perform kegel exercises with Kegelbell every day so it becomes an established part of their daily routine. Once a woman feels she has reached a level of strength that achieves her goals, she can find a maintenance level that keeps her strong, which may be once or twice a week.

*Please keep in mind individual results vary. 

You sold out of Kegelbell, now what?

We recommend you sign up for the wait list, so you can be notified when it is time to order. Meanwhile, we encourage you to start kegel exercising today, by reading our 4 exercise hacks to help you contract the right muscles correctly. Once Kegelbell arrives you will be relieved to workout out 85% less time and with stronger results.*

More questions?

Visit our FAQ page for more detailed answers to common questions.

*Individual Results Will Vary

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