At Kegelbell, giving back to the community is our top priority. That's why we have a number of charities that we're actively involved in and contribute to.

Kegelbell, at it's heart, is a human rights centered organization and we donated to support the NAACP's efforts to stop hate crimes and protect the civil rights of people of color.

Dr. Schull, our founder, taught at University about the contemporary problem of modern slavery, and in particular, sex slavery and she has long been trying to raise awareness about this gross violation of human rights.

While she works hard to promote sexual freedom, she feels equally strongly that sex should never be weaponized or used as an instrument of torture or control.

As such, the charity Kegelbell is most aligned with is Operation Underground Railroad. Please consider donating as well to this noble organization.

We’re so proud of Dr. Dakkak, one of Kegelbell's lead medical advisors who is currently on the frontlines of COVID-19 and pregnant women's health at Boston Medical Center that we donated in her honor to the BMC Coronavirus relief fund .

Jennifer Vollmann, you may have seen her in our Youtube series, is a very active volunteer at this museum and we love the mission it has to educate children, so we donated in honor of Jennifer and her daughter.