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Kegelbell Extension Weight (Kit Sold Separately)

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How Kegelbell® Works

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Time to level up?  If you have already maxed out the original Kegelbell kit then you are ready to become the stuff of legends with Weight D.

Weight D is the fourth in the Kegelbell weight system. It weighs 240 grams and will double the weight of the original kit. 

With this extension kit you get these new training levels topping out at over a pound of weight:

270 grams D

300 grams D+A

330 grams D+B

360 grams D+ A+B

390 grams D+C

420 grams D+A+C

450 grams D+B+C

480 grams D+A+B+C

    Why it’s special:

    • Doubles the weight of the heaviest kit on the market
    • Add 8 more levels to your existing Kegelbell routine
    • The dynamic cord actually multiplies the effective weight by about 2x