Kegelbell Extension Weight (Kit Sold Separately)
Kegelbell Extension Weight (Kit Sold Separately)
Kegelbell Extension Weight (Kit Sold Separately)
Kegelbell Extension Weight (Kit Sold Separately)

Kegelbell Extension Weight (Kit Sold Separately)

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Weight D is the fourth in the Kegelbell weight system. It weighs 240 grams and will double the weight of the original kit. 

After a customer can use the smallest insert with all three weights, provided in the original kit, combined [A+B+C] it is time to add this fourth weight. If you include the weight of the bulb, you get the following combinations of weight:

270 grams D

300 grams D+A

330 grams D+B

360 grams D+ A+B

390 grams D+C

420 grams D+A+C

450 grams D+B+C

480 grams D+A+B+C

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I recommend this product
'D'eveloped Your Abilities Yet?!

Question, have you mastered your Kegel routine thus far with the help of Kegelbell The Vagina Gym Original Kit (sold separately) containing weights A, B, and C? If you are a challenge seeker like myself with a swift 'yes' response - I most definitively encourage you to incorporate Kegelbell Extension Weight D into your Kegeling! I found the directions to be useful and consise. I wholeheartedly use, respect, and recommend Kegelbells high quality/unique system. Kegelbell is on a mission!! They are paving the path, breaking the stigma, and 86'ing the silence that surrounds the pelvic floor and that my friends - takes courage. I commend the inventor/founder Stephanie Schull, PhD and I applaud the entire Kegelbell team! Kegelbell has changed my life and restored my confidence - by offering me a simple solution, not pathetic band-aid fix. I will be 33 in 10 days - I no longer experience annoying bladder issues I thought I was destined to for life. For example sake, I gave birth to my 1st child at age 21 and about 5 years later I gave birth to my 4th child - all vaginally. The last 2 pregnancies were frightening and traumatic due to an overwhelming heavyness down there. The heavyness did not subside after my 4th child it increased in severity for about 2 months until one day I went to step into the bath tub and I just remember what felt like my insides decending very rapidly and painfully. Next came hysterectomy, and that was followed by embarresing bladder issues the past 7 years. I am a very pleased with my results. I have been a customer of Kegelbell products for a couple of months now and bladder issues are no longer with me. I repeat, I NO LONGER HAVE ANY BLADDER ISSUES WHATSOEVER - something I never thought I would be able to say. Please note that this review is NOT sponsored, these facts and opinions are that of my own, and I really truly am a very satisfied customer.

Juliette M.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Heavy lifting who-ha

I LOVE the challenge that the extension weight provides. To go from not being able to hold the first weight when I first started to now being able to hold the entire set PLUS the extension weight, I'm so proud of myself and my vagina! Waking her up and toning her has been life changing.

Amy F.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Works great.

I can tell a difference. I didn't realize how bad my pelvic floor was. Things are a lot better Dosen't feel heavy down there like it use to. Like it a lot.

United States United States

Thank you for taking the time to write. I love that you perceived the difference which means you have a stronger mind-body connection. Most women with prolapse aren't aware---the heavy feeling kind of creeps in--great to hear you notice and feel better!